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We have developed our wine making process

We have developed our wine making process over the years with attention to quality, added value and innovation. We incorporate a few extra steps in our process that we feel are worth the extra time and effort to honour the berry and allow their true flavours to shine. We use only the best quality berries, many of them growing wild, pesticide and chemical-free in our beautiful province. The water used in our wine making is drawn from our own artisan well and has been tested for purity. Its quality is second to none. Our wines start with a fresh fruit flavour when young and can be aged into a wine with a more complex flavour – if they manage to stay on a shelf that long. Our process adds no artificial colours, flavours or sulphites.

We are proud to have Kosher Certification reflecting our commitment quality preparation. In addition to those who purchase kosher products for religious reasons, the majority of consumers are doing so because they are health conscious. Kosher certification carries the perception of a “Good Housekeeping seal of approval” because of the strict laws governing production facilities and the stringent requirements attached to all components used in the processing of a consumable product.

We are Kosher

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