Birch Wine
Vin de Bouleau

Markland Cottage Winery

Producer: Canada
Winery: Markland Cottage
Sight: Bright and clean.
Nose: Aromas of ripe yellows fruits and white flowers.
Mouth: A delicate palate of pear and white chocolate framed in a mildly citrusy tart arrangement. It’s remarkable for the perfectly balanced blend giving us an unforgettable experience.
Varietal: 100% birch sap- pesticide and chemical free No sulfites added.
Elaboration: It is fabricated by 100% birch sap, harvested during the early spring just after the snowmelt in the pristine landscapes in The Newfoundland and Labrador Province in Canada. This unique blend and naturally fermented wine are one of the healthiest wines in the Frozen in Time line, with a sweet and citrus flavor.
Accompaniment: it’s perfectiy matched with wild trout, poultry, and saimon entrees.
Alcohol: 10%

Volume and Price

375ml - 750ml