Markland Cottage Winery

Producer: Canada
Winery: Frozen in Time
Sight: It has soft and pale yellow color.
Nose: Aromas with vanilla overtones.
Mouth: Gentle cloudberry lingering taste framed in light interplay of tart and bitter notes. It could be served as an exquisite dessert.
Varietal: 100% cloudberry-pesticide and chemical free
Elaboration: This liqueur is crafted from the most exquisite and difficult to find wild berries in the Northern hemisphere. These rich in antioxidants cloudberries are hand-harvested from some of the most exquisite landscapes in The Newfoundland and Labrador Province in Canada.
Accompaniment: This exquisite liqueur is really good with desserts like cheesecakes.
Alcohol: 23%

Volume and Price

375ml - 750ml


CAD 29.89

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