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Producer: Frozen in Time Ltd
Winery: Frozen in Time
Sight: Brown color with soft shades of red color.
Nose: Candied fruits aromas.
Mouth: It has a delicate flavor with a perfect blend of tangy and sweet that leave the palate satisfied.
Varietal: 100% cranberry-pesticide and chemical free
Elaboration: Just by looking at the bright ruby color in a glass of Frozen in Time Cranberry Liqueur, you know you’re in for a treat. With no additives, colorants or preservatives, this is the very essence of Newfoundland and Labrador County’s finest cranberries and a great ambassador for the eastern Canadian shores.

The queen of the cold climate berries is well known for its heartwarming sweetness and delectable tartness in harmony. That’s what you can expect from this artisanal cranberry liqueur, beautifully balanced by the most seductive sweetness and brought to life by pure water from our estate’s well.

Cranberries are native to Atlantic Canada. The low-lying vines, grown without pesticides, fertilizers or other chemicals, are the source of the most vibrant cranberries on the continent, and their flavor intensity is unmatched.

Enjoy Frozen in Time Cranberry liqueur straight from the freezer for an intense digestive to pair with dessert. Poured over fresh ice releases the liqueur’s aromatic intensity, and its flavor mellows for a pleasing drink to enjoy for long hours with friends and family.

Cocktails can benefit from the liqueur’s bright color and intense flavors. A gin-based Martinez cocktail and a whiskey-scented Brooklyn cocktail are beautiful ways of making the most out of this handcrafted liqueur.
Accompaniment: This liqueur is perfect with ice in the summer evening or a special dinner.
Alcohol: 23% alc/vol

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